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Grade: 10
        A truck and a car moving with the same kinetic energy are brought to rest by application of brakes which provide equal retarding Force for both. The truck has 8 tyres and weights 2 times more than the cars which has 4 tyres. What can you say about the distance in which the two vehicles stop?
2 years ago

Answers : (2)

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							Let kinetic energies of trick and car be Kt and Kc respectively.Now , Kt = Kc  (given) ____*1W=♤K......(work done = change in kinetic energy...( because potential energy is same throughout the journey ( ♤h= 0)))(♤= change = delta)Also W = F•dLet truck travel x distance and car y aftér application of brakes. ♤Kt = F•x _____2*♤Kc = F•y _____3*From 1* , 2* , and 3*Fx = Fyx = y.....Both travel same distance on application of Same regarding force if they were moving with same initial kinetic energies.
2 years ago
Athul sekhar
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bothkinetic energy of the truck = Kinetic energy of car(given)
Velocity of both the vehicles are same (given) v1=v2
Let time both the vehicles be t1 and t2 
1/2v1 t1^2 = 1/2v2 v2^2 
By cancelling v1 , v2 and ½ , ½. 
We get
From the above statement , we can say that
both the vehicle will stop at the same time 
2 years ago
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