when is mass negetive?

when is mass negetive?



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Dear Edison,

The idea of a negative mass is conjectural, since no material object has ever been found that can be shown by experiment to have a negative mass. In considering hypothetical particles with negative mass, it is important to consider which of these concepts of mass are negative; however, in most analyses of negative mass, it is assumed that the equivalence principle and conservation of momentum continue to apply. The Einstein equivalence principle postulates that inertial mass must equal passive gravitational mass; while the law of conservation of momentum requires that active and passive gravitational mass must be identical.

If one were to treat inertial mass mi, passive gravitational mass mp, and active gravitational mass ma distinctly, then Newton's law of universal gravitation would take the form


Thus objects with negative gravitational mass (both passive and active), but with positive inertial mass, would be expected to be repelled by positive active masses, and attracted to negative active masses.

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