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Chilukuri Sai Kartik Grade: 12

Why is tubelight white in colour  when incandescent bulbs are of different colour?

Is it because of different gas present in them?

If not, then why?

7 years ago

Answers : (1)

Ramesh V
70 Points

Of course, there is no "white" color of light. Humans perceive white as a combination of several frequencies of light, which can be simplified to just a few primary colors, such as the red, green and blue used in television. A blend of phosphors is used to generate what is considered to be a white light. Depending on the blend, different shades of white can be produced.

The Warm White lamps have more red and orange light, and are marketed towards use in residential and other areas desiring light similar to what is produced by incandescent lighting. Grocery stores will sometimes use these lamps only in the meat and bakery departments to improve the look of these products, while using Cool White lamps elsewhere in the store.

whereas incendescent bulbs have simple filament made of carbon put inside them. here depening on volatage color temparature changes and u see di fferent colors as human vision adapts to a wide range of light levels.




7 years ago
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