reading of dyanamometer

reading of dyanamometer


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A device for measuring the torque, force, or power available from a rotating shaft. The shaft speed is measured with a tachometer, while the turning force or torque of the shaft is measured with a scale or by another method. Power may be read from the instrumentation or calculated from shaft speed and torque.

The two types are the transmission dynamometer and the absorption dynamometer. The transmission dynamometer transmits the force while measuring the elastic twist of the output shaft. An absorption dynamometer absorbs the power and dissipates it as heat by restraining the output shaft mechanically with a friction brake, hydraulically with a water brake, or electrically with an electromagnetic force. Since the restraining element tends to rotate with the output shaft, the force of the shaft can be determined by measuring the force required to arrest the rotation of the restraining element. Torque is then calculated by multiplying the force times the length of the lever arm, or the distance through which the force acts.

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