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Is there any way to get zero gravity on the earth?

Is there any way to get zero gravity on the earth?

Grade:Upto college level

5 Answers

Yogita Bang
39 Points
8 years ago

It is impossible to get zero gravity on the surface of earth.

But there are certain cases:

1) acceleration due to gravity can be zero on equator if earth rotates with angular velocity of 1.24×10-3 rad/s. (But it is hypothetical and cannot be brought out in practice)

2) It is zero at the centre of the earth.

If one wants to feel weightlessness then one can revolve in a satellite. But having zero gravity on earth''s surface is impossible

37 Points
8 years ago

 Yes it is possible at the centre of the earth where the radius is zero . . .

Abhishekh kumar sharma
34 Points
8 years ago


the most common way is in the lift if the supporting wire breaks and one falls freely undre gravity

Akash Kumar Dutta
98 Points
8 years ago

Dear Student,

Its possible by making the earth rotate at more higher speed.
and the other methods include making a free fall.
and the other includes creating a medium in which bouyant Force is equal to Mg.


tejas naresh patel
40 Points
8 years ago


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