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What is antimatter

What is antimatter


2 Answers

macharla saikrishna
30 Points
8 years ago

matter consisting of elementary particles that are the antiparticles of those making up normal substances

Har Simrat Singh
42 Points
8 years ago

The "opposite of matter" the antiparticles have same mass as matter opposite charge and and opposite spin.

eg a positron is antiparticle of electron 

when antimatter comes in contact with matter both are annhilated giving gamma rays or high energy photons

The origin of our universe is attributed to the theory that in Big Bang both mtter and antimatter were created but just by chance assymetry was created and matter was just a little bit more than the antimatter 

the antimatter was annhilated by its corressponding matter and that little extra part left out is the universe we know today

Antiparticles are existant of every particle in quantum physics

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