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what is the work-enrgy theorem?

what is the work-enrgy theorem?

Grade:Upto college level

4 Answers

Abhishree Chowdhary
24 Points
8 years ago
  • The energy associated with the work done by the net force does not disappear after the net force is removed (or becomes zero), it is transformed into the Kinetic Energy of the body. We call this the Work-Energy Theorem.


If the body''s speed increases, then the work done on the body is positive and we say its Kinetic Energy has increased. Whereas if the body''s speed decreases then it kinetic energy decreases and the change in kinetic energy DKE is negative. In this case the body does positive work on the system slowing it down or alternately the work done on the body is negative.

sridhar yelkur
40 Points
8 years ago

work done by a force is equals to the difference between final and initial kinetic energy.

Reddy Rakesh
33 Points
8 years ago

        Work done by a force is equal to the difference or change in its final and initial kinetic energies.                                                                                      i.e.,W=K2-K1                                                                                                                   

G Ashwin -
24 Points
8 years ago

work energy theorem states that the work done is equal to the difference in its energy.


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