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Grade: 11


Two vectors A and B lie in a plane.Another Vector C lies outside this Plane.The Resultatnt A+B+C of these three Vectors. (a)can be zero (b)cannot be zero (c)Lies in the plane of A and B (d)Lies in the Plane of A and A+B

8 years ago

Answers : (8)

kartikay guleria
19 Points

cant be zero ... 

8 years ago
Nimish Singh
19 Points

Can you tell me the reason?

8 years ago
xyz xz
37 Points

a vector is nullified if and only if another vector attached to its tail in opp. direction ofsame magnitude n SAME PLANE only.


A and B forms a resultant vector in AB plane and the resultant of A+B+C cant be zero

7 years ago
Abhishekh kumar sharma
34 Points

cannot be zero cleary

7 years ago
19 Points
							Since the direction is not defined both the A and B vectors are added so it cant be zero this is the practical imagination of vectors
3 years ago
Ishan karki
32 Points
It cannot be zero because it is mentioned that the three of the vector are not in same plane. Only two vectors are in same plane. So the resultant of three vectors can never be zero.
2 years ago
13 Points
As it is given that the vector A and B lies in the a plane,so their resultant must lies in the same plane; and vector C is given be to in another plane so their resultant never be zero except they are not perpendicular planes.
one year ago
ankit singh
askIITians Faculty
596 Points
A + B + C = (a + c + g)i + (b + d + h)j + mk
Let the vectors A and B lie in the plane XY (arbitrary XY plane) and the vector is present outside the plane or any where in the space then
vectors A and B have two co ordinates that is
A = ai + bj
B = ci + dj
But vector C has three co ordinates that is
C = gi + hj + mk
where a , b , c, d ,g, ,h ,m are real numbers
and i , j , k are unit vectors along X ,Y and Z directions respectively.
A + B + C =  ai + bj + ci + dj + gi + hj + mk
A + B + C = (a + c + g)i + (b + d + h)j + mk
A + B + C = (a + c + g)i + (b + d + h)j + mk
4 months ago
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