what is impulse

what is impulse


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sheik arbaz
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11 years ago

impulse:It means that if we apply some force on a particle it will take some time to move. Impulse is the product of force and time.This is also known as change in momentum.

Impulse=summetion of total force X change in time



units of impulse:F.T=Newton.second

                               =kg.m/s^2 .s


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G Ashwin -
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11 years ago

Impulse is defined as the integral of a force with respect to time. When a force is applied to a rigid body it changes the momentum of that body. If the momentum of an object changes, then either the mass or the velocity or both change. If the mass remains unchanged, as is most often the case, then the velocity changes and acceleration occurs. A force produces an acceleration, and the greater the force acting on an object, the greater its change in velocity and, hence, the greater its change in momentum. However, changing momentum is also related to how long a time the force acts. If a brief force is applied to a stalled automobile, a change in its momentum is produced. The same force applied over an extended period of time produces a greater change in the automobile''s momentum. The quantity of impulse is force ×time interval, or in shorthand notation:

impulse = f delta t
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