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Grade: 11

Sir,I know that how to resolve vector but i have problem in taking anlge theta on inclilned plane in laws of motion. please help me Sir?

7 years ago

Answers : (2)

Aniket Patra
48 Points

Dear Arpan,

The reference line on the basis of which the angle is to measured or to be taken is same irrespective of the reference you are taking.. If the line on which the angle is assigned as ''theta'' is making an angle ''x'' with the x axis and you are directed to find the component of the vector along x axis then accordingly you will get ''magnitude''.cos theta.cosx or the sine component..

If you could post a particular example, then I could help you much more..

Feel free to post any doubt..


Best Wishes!!

7 years ago
sparsh shrivastava
19 Points

when an object is on an inclined plane which is inclined at an angle x.

there is one force acting on it that is mg downwards.

this force can be resolved into 2 parts.


6 years ago
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