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what happens to velocity of purely rolling circular body on contacting an inclined plane on its path? what angle brings it to rest immediately?????

what happens to velocity of  purely rolling circular body on contacting an inclined plane on its path? what angle brings it to rest immediately?????


1 Answers

Aman Bansal
592 Points
8 years ago

Dear Mhadevan,

A motion which covers equal distance in equal interval of time is called a Uniform motion
For the body to be in the uniform motion, it must be moving in the straight line path. 
Uniform motion

The above graph shows, in every one second, there is a displacement of 10m. 
The body going with constant increase in velocity in equal interval of time is also the uniform motion.
The slope of displacement-time graph for uniform motion is constant and gives constant velocity.
Slope = dYdX  = displacementtime

Velocity (V) = dt, is constant 

Uniform Acceleration Graph

Uniform acceleration

The V-t graph for uniform motion gives the constant acceleration. 
The slope of uniform motion of V-t graph gives acceleration. 
Slope = dYdX = dvdt, gives acceleration. The SI unit is m/s2.

Some examples of uniformly accelerated motion: 

  • The motion of a free falling body.
  • The motion of a bicycle going down the slope of a road when the rider is not pedaling and wind resistance is negligible.
  • The motion of a ball rolling down an inclined plane.
  • The motion of the Pendulum Clock

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