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a loadw is to b raised by a rope from rest to rest through a height h. the greatest tension the rope can safely bear is nw. th eleast time in which the ascent cabn b made will be

8 years ago

Answers : (2)

rupali sehgal
19 Points

2 forces will act on the load:

1) tension upwards

2) mg downwards.

its to b pulled upwards in least time

so there must b an acceleration upwards.

let max tension be nw.

so, (nw)-mg=mamax

amax = (nw)-mg/m---------(1)

using equation s=ut+1/2at2

we get h= 0 + 1/2 {(nw) - mg/m}t2                                                (from 1)

           t2 =  2mh/(nw)-mg

           t= √2mh/nw-mg

8 years ago
13 Points
This is not the correct answer. Since the block will first accelerate and then decelerates. In this solution you have considered only one aspect. It should be in 3 steps , acceleration, constant speed amd then deceleration. Think again
2 years ago
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