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Are I e irodov book of cbs and arihant same?

Are I e irodov book of cbs and arihant same?


6 Answers

sanjay mathai
18 Points
9 years ago

no way,i.e.irodov books are better than arihant has a lot of higher order thinking level questions.i recommend you to use i.e.irodov books than arihant books.but , arihant books are also good, not better than i.e.irodov.

Bibhuti Bhushan
31 Points
9 years ago

ie irodov books are far better than arihant 4 problems, but one should prefer ie irodov 4 some selected topics like mechanics. some topics in irodov are extended out of syllabus 4 jee..

rahul rathee
16 Points
8 years ago

chill guys he is trying to ask the "problems in general physics by irodov" published by cbs pulishers and arihant publications ,same........." problems in general physics by irodov" is published by both the publications......and acc. to my knowledge both books are same......... problems are same but their presentation may be diff.
hope this helped

all the best :)

18 Points
7 years ago
rahul has answred a specific question whereas bibhuti and sanjay has answered a general question
132 Points
6 years ago
Thank you sir for this answer. Thank you very much.
shubham sharda
361 Points
6 years ago
yes, the book is same, the contents are same, just the publishers are different. no worries.

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