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Ryan Clouter Grade: 12

Please describe Capacitors Connected in Series

9 years ago

Answers : (1)

Sachin Tyagi
31 Points

Given figure shows two capacitors connected in series. There are three properties that distinguish a series connection of circuit elements. (1) If we attempt to travel from a to b, we must pass through all the circuit elements in succession. (2) When a battery is connected across the combination, the potential difference DV of the battery equals the sum of the potential differences across each of the elements. (3) The charge q delivered to each element of the series combination has the same value.


To understand this last property, note the region of Fig.  Enclosed by the dashed line. Let us assume the battery puts a charge –q on the
left-hand plate of C1. Since a capacitor carries equal and opposite changes n its plates, a charge +q appears on the right hand plate of C1. However, the H-shaped conductor enclosed by the dashed line is electrically isolated from the rest of the circuit; initially it carries not net charge, and no charge can be transferred to it. If a charge +q appears on the right-hand plate of C1, then a charge –q must appear on the left-hand plate of C2. That is, n (=q/e) electrons move from the right-hand plate of C1 to the left-hand plate of C2. If there were more than two capacitors in series, a similar argument could be made across the entire line of capacitors, the result being that the left-hand plate of every capacitor in the series connection carries a charge q of one sign, and the right-hand plate of every capacitor in the series connection carries a charge of equal magnitude q and opposite sign.

9 years ago
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