important topics for aieee

important topics for aieee


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Ashwin Sinha
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10 years ago

Dear Shobhit,

1. Study NCERT text books thoroughly - this will lead to conceptual clarity.
2. Maths 
- Algebra: sequences & series, probability, quadratic equations, complex numbers
- Trigonometry, 2d & 3d stuff
- Coordinate Geometry: Locus, Straight Line, Circles, 
3. Physics
- Kinematics, Mechanics 
- Modern Physics
- Gravitation 
- Atomic Physics
- Electronics, Electrostatics
4. Chemistry
- Organic chemistry: aliphatic compounds, aromatic compounds, carbonyl & amine compounds, organic acids, Name reactions & road maps
- Inorganic chem: p, d and f block elements & their compounds, transition metal chemistry, metallurgy, name reactions, etc
- Physical chem: mostly numericals (please dont ignore any topic in physical chemistry); once you master a certain concept, you are bound to score high in it. Hence all topics are important.

All the best!

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saruchi aggarwal
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10 years ago

Is pradeep fundamentals useful for aieee??? 

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