sir plz help me how to study physics for iit

sir  plz   help me how  to study physics  for  iit


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Alok kumar maurya
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11 years ago

dear rohit singh.....

GO through  H.C.verma and   ABC of physics....these are very helpful books in preparation of iit jee according to present pattern.

You should start practising just now.Clear all ur concepts.dont take chances.


plz  plz  plz  approve my answer.

bhanuveer danduboyina
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11 years ago
  • Revise your work regularly. Go over the work you did at school each night, and try to complete at least some of the work assigned.
  • What's most important is to try and listen during class. Even though your teacher may be unbearably boring, he or she is speaking words of wisdom. The diagrams and overheads that your teacher may show you are often easier to understand than reading your textbook at 2 am the night before your assessment.
  • Ask someone if you don't understand something.
  • Physics is a discipline where knowledge builds up over time — basic facts may be needed to be grasped before understanding the more difficult material, hence the need to keep up to date.
  • Practice answering questions that involve the verbs commonly seen in your exam papers.
  • Don't spend too much time on each question. The number of lines in the exam are often indicative of how much you need to write, but remember that as long as you satisfy the marking guidelines, you can score full marks regardless of how much you write. You won't get extra marks just because you wrote more than everyone else.


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