Which is better for cbse Dinesh or pradeep ?

Which is better for cbse
Dinesh or pradeep ?


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Godfrey Classic Prince
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11 years ago

Dear raunak samanta,

Both Dinesh & Pradeep are good for CBSE ...........

But from my experience i would like you to go for Dinesh rather than Pradeep !!!

Because Dinesh has got a wider range than Pradeep & it gives importance for in-depth analysis that will also help you in Engineering Entrance Exams like AIEEE,BITSAT,IIT-JEE etc..,


Hope this answer helped you immensely...

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Rishabh Sharma
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8 years ago
it depends on which sub you like... Dinesh bio which I have is simply the best... But, Physics of pradeep have a higher level question including the CBSE course
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7 years ago
shubham sharda
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7 years ago
i’d say go for dinesh. IIt’s material is logically simplified and explainations are easy. also the topics of syllabus especially highlighted. I studied from dinesh and got 95 in physics cbse.

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