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How to determine the direction of friction in circular motion?

How to determine the direction of friction in circular motion?


1 Answers

Sanjeev Malik IIT BHU
101 Points
10 years ago

the main concept is that to allow the body to move in circular motion centripetal force is required which is provided by acting friction.

on a horizontal road friction acts towards centre thus equals mv2/r. it does not allow the body to skid. it is due to friction or CF that body has always tendency to jump outward from track due to torque by this force.

on banked road( tilted) notmuch friction is req. as part of weight act as CF.

in some cases we take mv2/r towards centre and thus friction outwards and trhus equals . it depend on prob. or the frame( non-inertial)

you should read hc. verma to clear your concepts on this.

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