why gold do not show superconducting properties

why gold do not show superconducting properties

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Rituraj Verma
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12 years ago

gold is a supe conductor and  it do swow super conductor properties,,,but it is  not used so bcoz ts too much costly

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12 years ago

Dear student,

A superconductor is a substance which conducts an electric current with zero resistance. Superconduction is a phase state (like the liquid and solid states of the water); as such, it depends on the temperature among other variables. The temperature where the transition takes place is the critical temperature (Tc). In 1911, H. Kammerlingh Onnes discovered superconductivity working over mercury.

Superconductors are classified as Type I or Type II depending on their transition behavior. In Type I, resistance falls to zero abruptly when Tc is achieved; Type II superconductors hold a mixed area of superconductor and non superconductor behavior.

Some characteristics of superconductors:

  • Metals that support superconductivity have critical temperatures close to the absolute zero (Type I).
  • Some ceramics can achieve superconductor state at higher temperatures (Type II).
  • The last patented superconductor has a Tc=150 K.
  • High Tc superconductors can be sustained with cheaper refrigeration like liquid nitrogen based systems.
  • All superconductors found so far are solid.

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