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Grade: 12

will there be an emergent ray if the angle of the prism is greater than twice the critical angle for the material of the prism?

8 years ago

Answers : (2)

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Dear student,

Given that a ray is bent away from the normal when it enters a less dense medium, and that the deviation from the normal increases as the angle of incidence increases, an angle of incidence exists, known as the critical angle, such that the refracted ray makes an angle of 90° with the normal to the surface and travels along the boundary between the two media. If the angle of incidence is increased beyond the critical angle, the light rays will be totally reflected back into the incident medium. Total reflection cannot occur if light is traveling from a less dense medium to a denser one. If light enters a solid glass or plastic tube obliquely, the light can be totally reflected at the boundary of the tube and, after a number of successive total reflections, emerge from the other end. Glass fibers can be drawn to a very small diameter, coated with a material of lower refractive index, and then assembled into flexible bundles or fused into plates of fibers used to transmit images.


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Askiitians Expert

Sagar Singh

B.Tech, IIT Delhi

8 years ago
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2 years ago
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