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        two equal discs initially at rest are in contact on a table. a third disc of same mass but of double radius strikes thes symmetrically and itself comes to rest after impact. the coefficient of restitution is?
7 years ago

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Dear student,

First understand this concept well..

When a moving object (say a rubber ball) collides with an immobile flat surface (say a massive marble floor), the object will rebound with some fraction of its original energy. If the collision is perfectly elastic, then the ball will rebound with all of the energy it arrived with and its rebound velocity will be the same as its approach velocity. In this case, the coefficient of restitution is said to be precisely 1.00. On the other hand, if there is considerable permanent deformation of either the object or the surface (or both) then the object will rebound with much less energy than it originally arrived with. In this case, the coefficient of restitution will be close to zero.


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Sagar Singh

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7 years ago
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