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aaaa aaaa Grade: 9
        A body falls From a height of 200m

if gravitional ceases after 2 sec find the further time required to reach grounf
7 years ago

Answers : (2)

vikas askiitian expert
510 Points

after 2 seconds velocity is v

v = u+at

u=0 ,a=-g

v = -2g =-20m/s               (downward)

distance covered in 2 second = S

 v2 = u2+2aS

u=0 , a=-g

S = v2/2a = 400/20 =20

it has covered 20 m so remaining distance from ground is 200-20 = 180m

now gravity there is no gravity effect so a=0

 now we use speed = distance/time

      t = d/v

   distance = 180 ,velocity = 20

    t = 180/20 = 9sec

thus body will take further 9 sec to reach the ground...

7 years ago
Fawz Naim
37 Points

After travelling for 2sec the gravity ceases then the body will never reach the ground as there is no force pulling it down

7 years ago
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