please define it???

please define it???


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13 years ago

Dear ankit,

The electromagnetic spectrum covers a wide range of wavelengths and photon energies. Light used to "see" an object must have a wavelength about the same size as or smaller than the object. The ALS generates light in the far ultraviolet and soft x-ray regions, which span the wavelengths suited to studying molecules and atoms.

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omkar deepak borkar
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13 years ago

Electromagnetic spectrum :

it is the spectrum emitted or absorbed by a element when it is supplied with heat energy.

What is it exactly----

when an element is given heat energy the electrons from the lower orbits go towards the higher orbits and absorbs a certain amount of energy.this is called absorbtion spectrum.

when the electrons go from the higher orbit towards the lower orbits they radiate(or give out energy) and they emit spectrum in the form of various colours depending on the wavelenght.this is called emission spectrum..

in the emission spectrum as i have earlier said they emit various the absorbtion spectrum they absorb come part of the colour and then black lines are seen .

all this is done by holding a prism.

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Rohit Singh
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13 years ago

electromagnetic spectrum refers to the arrangement of all type of rays we have in increasing order of there wavelengths or decreasing order of there frequency. learing sequence RMIVUXG

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