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dvm srikant Grade: 10

how to convert si units to cgs units and cgs units to si units

7 years ago

Answers : (3)

Bharadwaj Machiraju
31 Points

if u know the dimensional formula of the physical quantitiy then u can convert it .

7 years ago
xyz xz
37 Points

by using dimesional formula one can convert into any system and its very easy too

For Ex: the dimensional formaula of area of rectangle id L2

      i.e. In SI units it is m2 where as in cgs u its it is cm2

7 years ago
Sanjeev Kumar Gupta
11 Points
										1kg= 1000g1m=100cm1min= 60 sec.  etc.If you know all this conversions and many more along with dimensional formula you can convert any physical quantity into SI units
7 months ago
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