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nivedhitha mathan kumar Grade:
        what is the ray diagram for the reflection of an object in a spherical mirror kept on F & between P&F?
7 years ago

Answers : (1)

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Dear student,

1. Once the incident rays strike the mirror

The ray that passes through the focal point on the way to the mirror will reflect and travel parallel to the principal axis. Use a straight edge to accurately draw its path. The ray which traveled parallel to the principal axis on the way to the mirror will reflect and travel through the focal point. Place arrowheads upon the rays to indicate their direction of travel. Extend the rays past their point of intersection.


2. Mark the image of the top of the object.

The image point of the top of the object is the point where the two reflected rays intersect. If your were to draw a third pair of incident and reflected rays, then the third reflected ray would also pass through this point. This is merely the point where all light from the top of the object would intersect upon reflecting off the mirror. Of course, the rest of the object has an image as well and it can be found by applying the same three steps to another chosen pointentire image can be filled in.

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All the best.

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Sagar Singh

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7 years ago
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