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What happens to a conducting ring when exposed to an electric field?

What happens to a conducting ring when exposed to an electric field?


2 Answers

25763 Points
one year ago
If your field is it an angle then the ring may rotate and move, just rotate, just move or may do nothing, again based on field strength. Field strength. ... If you apply an high electric field in horizontal direction and somehow keep the ring fixed, the induced charges may jump through the air.
Vikas TU
14149 Points
one year ago
You do not need any conductor/anything at all to have an induced emf caused by a changing magnetic field. There will be an induced EMf between two points in a vacuum if there is an appropriate changing magnetci field. Of course, if there is no conductor there, then no charges move and there is no observable effect. If there is a partial circuit- no current flows and not much to detect. A complete ring provides acurrent path - then a current flows and you get effects that can be observed, eg heating.

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