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Alok Singh Grade: Upto college level

Which are the most important topics and books  of physics, chemistry and maths (weightage) in IIT and AIEEE ?

Is the Arihant for AIEEE is good for scoring good marks ?

8 years ago

Answers : (1)

Ramesh V
70 Points

For iit jeee there is no fixed weitage, it  vary from year to year...
f you will see the pattern of last year papers,then you will find that question were framed in such a way that it include more than one chaptre. and in whole paper almost entire syllabus are covered .so it is not advisable to leave any topic.

But the important topics are.
Maths:      calculus, Vectors, Complex numbers, co-ordinate geometry(2D+3D) Quadratic equations.

Physics:    Optics, Modern physics, Thermodynamics, A/C circuits, Fluid mechanics, Experiments.

Chemistry:         Solid state, chemical bonding, Aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids, Alkenes,alkynes, stereo and geometrical isomerism, transition elements, coordiantion compounds,electro chemistry, kinetics and equilibrium.

but I will suggest you to cover alll the topics and give more stress on above given topics.


You can go with these books too:

1. H.C.Verma
2. NCERT Physics
3. B.P.Bhatnagar
4. Halliday-Resnick
5. I.E.Irodov

1. NCERT Chemistry
2. I.L.Finar
3. R.C.Mukherjee
4. R.N.Sarin
5. J.D.Lee [selected parts]

1. TMH IIT Mathematics
2. M.L.Khanna
3. I.A.Maron
4. A.Dasgupta




Physics - Electricity and magnetism,waves,optics(they dont ask much of mechanics except for rotational mechanics),X rays, radioactivity from modern physics,rigid body dynamics,heat trasfer and  simple harmonic motion


If u really want,try ARIHANT AIEEE papers which consists of  last 7 yrs papers........

8 years ago
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