1) Which is not true about OF 2 and Cl 2 O? a) Both are sp 3 hybridised b) Bond angle in OF 2 is less than 109°28 c) Bond angle in Cl 2 O is greater than OF 2 d) Bond angle in both cases are 109°28

1)      Which is not true about OF2 and Cl2O?

a)      Both are sp3hybridised

b)      Bond angle in OF2 is less than 109°28

c)      Bond angle in Cl2O is greater than OF2

d)      Bond angle in both cases are 109°28

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Radhika Batra
247 Points
8 years ago

Ans:     d

Exp:     OF2, Cl2O both are having two lone pair and two bond pair, thus this is sp3 hybridisation.

Bond angle in Cl2O > OF2

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