Yellow light is used to light a single slit diffraction experiment with slit width 0.6mm . if yellow is replaced by X-rays , then the observed pattern will reveal?

Yellow light is used to light a  single slit  diffraction  experiment with slit  width  0.6mm . if  yellow  is  replaced  by  X-rays , then the  observed  pattern will reveal?

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Vikas TU
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9 years ago

First of all, our human eyes cannot detect X-Rays. But considering a screen on which X-Rays can be seen, the screen should be kept more far away from the slit to observe the diffraction pattern. We know, that Fresnel Distance(at which diffraction pattern is observable) is a^2/lambda. a= Slit width.
So, if you decrease lambda(X-Rays have smaller wavelength), you have to increase the distance of the screen from the slit. Else wise, it unobservable. Now, if you observe the pattern, you will see stripes of shorter length since width is directly proportional to lambda and wavelength of X-Rays is very small.



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