[CrCl2(H2O)4]Cl.2H2O what is the name of ligand?


what is the name of ligand?


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mani kanta
31 Points
10 years ago

tetraaquo dichlorido chromium(3)

yaswanth kumar madugula
41 Points
10 years ago



chromium(iii) chloride hexahydrate       That''s enough dude.

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mannam kiran kumar
40 Points
10 years ago

Tetra aqua dichloro chromium(III) chloride

dipesh agrawal
32 Points
10 years ago


dipesh agrawal
32 Points
10 years ago

the name of the ligands in the compound are aquo for h20 and chlorido for cl2 

Oziegbe Banabas Amuyi
13 Points
6 years ago
The name of the coordination compound above is: Dichlorotetraaquochromium(III)chloridedihydrate.It is an example of hydrate isomerism deduced by Alfred Werner. It occurs in the manner of arrangements of their water molecules in the coordination. It has Dark Green color.

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