PLZ suggest some books for viteee?Is TMH Complete Mathematics for AIEEE a good book?

PLZ suggest some books for viteee?Is TMH Complete Mathematics for AIEEE a good book?


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sourabh singh
18 Points
11 years ago

vitee yarrr koi bhui solve kar lo ......nceert ke question hi aate hai usme ....................tmh is sufficent fr aieee

Anil Pannikar AskiitiansExpert-IITB
85 Points
11 years ago

Dear Mahi,

 the level of exam is quite easy as compared to aieee. iit jee, u have to clear ur basics for which 11 and  12th ncert books of PCM and pradeeps are sufficient. You can also look for Arihant and MTG as they have previous question papers of VITEEE. TMH is a gud book, it has lots of problems but i think the difficulty level is of jee so preparing from this book is a gud idea if u r also appearing for jee.


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Anil Pannikar

IIT Bombay

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11 years ago

there's no such special books needed for viteee. you can check some sample papers online.if you are thorough  with your preparation for aieee then no special preparation needed for viteee. for aieee tmh is ok it is good for iitjee more. speed is important ,so go for rd sharma's objective has a whole lot of objective questions ,ideal for aieee.

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