i have passed calls 12 in i eligible to sit in aieee 2011 ?

i have passed calls 12 in i eligible to sit in aieee 2011 ?



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Prudhvi teja
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11 years ago

Dear Angshuman Das

No Soryy you can not.

AIEEE: the eligibility is +2 passed. Students appearing in there +2 can also sit for entrance of the same year. Any candidate can appear maximum for 3times, one in the year in which you are appearing for your +2 and the next two years.

For Example: If you are appearing for your +2 in 2011, then you can appear for AIEEE in same year and the next two years also.


To appear in 2011 you shoulda have passed aieee in 2009 or after that.


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All the best.

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Prudhvi Teja


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