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apoorva abhishekh Grade: 12

pls tell me abt ISI. How is it. anything regarding scope and placement Pls reply.
I have been selected in it.

i hv got air 4324 in aieee. is it worth joining

7 years ago

Answers : (1)

askIITians Faculty
1246 Points
										At Bachelor level, ISI offers two courses – B.Stat. and B.Math.

The flagship course of ISI is B.Stat(offered in kolkata). It is the Bachelor level course with Honours in Statistics. But the degree is not the same as usual ‘B.Sc. with Statistics Honours’ – it carries far more recognition and respect. Free from the irritating, usually useless pass level courses, more so, the English and mother language classes, B.Stat. students indulge only in Statistics, mathematics, Probability and Computer Science. There are additional topics – Physics, Biology, Geology and Economics – to select as the applied field in which to get training.(For details download brochure 4m isi website)

It is so designed that on successful completion, the students would be able to pursue higher studies in areas of Statistics and Mathematics, as well as Computer Science, Economics and allied fields, or take up careers as Statisticians in research institutions and scientific laboratories, government departments or industries.

The Masters course is called M.Stat., at the end of which the placements occur. Here again, ISI typically has complete placement, barring those who go for higher studies in prestigious universities in US and UK like Harvard, Berkeley or Stanford. The salary range is also high –5-15 lakhs p.a.
Coming to B.math(offered in banglore) it is totally research oriented.Usually IMO (International Mathematical Olympiad)participants 4m india prefer dis course.B.math students will generally get admitted 4 Ph.d programme’s of top universities without mastre’s degree.
2 years ago
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