is USIT in IP university a good college??

is USIT in IP university a good college??


3 Answers

askIITians Faculty 747 Points
8 years ago
see ,mostly colleges under ipu are average colleges and if you are comparing them with DTU, NSIT etc, then yes usit, ipu is not that good.
Ayushmaan Vardhan
804 Points
8 years ago
The best ever technique to compare or to find out the status of any institution is to check the success graph in terms of results shown during a span of five years and on the top number of placements in leading this regard there are many outstanding institutions, so you can go for any of them to make your choice, these can be considered – Vaish College of engg, Rohtak.......Jamia Millia ISlamia, New Delhi........Lovely Professional Uni, Phagwara,......Dyalbagh Educational Inst, Agra
615 Points
8 years ago
when compared to dtu ipu is not that good college

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