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yogesh agarwal Grade:
        how is kiit university bhubaneshwar? How is it's placement record.Is it good. please tell.thanks.

7 years ago

Answers : (1)

askIITians Faculty
1246 Points
										1. Teachers Have an attitude-Most of them with not a very good one. There is this sense of arrogance in whatever they do.Will treat you like You know nothing about the subject.
2. The first year schedule at least doesn't give you any time to discover yourself,I learned last week that BITS Hyderabad just has 2 practical subjects in the first semester and 2 more in the second. We in Kiit have 4 in the first semester and 4 in the other. 3 Hours per pracclass.Ittakes a lot of your time-The practical file and all that.
3. People come here mostly from only three states -West Bengal,Jharkhand,Bihar. There is not much exposure in my opinion. Most Bengalies are same. And the same goes for the the people from Bihar or Jharkhand. 2 months already up and I haven't yet made a friend who actually thinks or has common interests.
4.I have lived in BBSR for 4 years now,Clean but very Boring place to be at for 4 years. You would probably finish Going around bbsr if you had just 3 days to spare.
5. The placements are fine if you have taken CSE,IT or ETC. Rest ? You study well You will get a job in an IT conpmany. Not many Core Companies come.
2 years ago
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