what happens when amber is rubbed with wool or silk or fur?

what happens when amber is rubbed with wool or silk or fur?

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Divyanshu Rawat
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6 years ago
We know that all the matter are made up of atoms. Atoms have a nucleus in which electrons revolve around it in the orbit. Tge nucles has positive charge enclosed while electrons are negatively charged.
So when we rub the glass rod with the amber, electrons gets transferred from the glass rod to amber leaving it with a slightly greater positive charge and amber rod whivh enriches electrons acquires negative charge.
Here, question arises why the electron transfer takes a vice versa process. That depends a lot on the minute details of material. Ultimately, for every two materials their is one of them where electrons are happier. So i purely relys on what material is taken up.
Hope it helps
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6 years ago
 When amber rubbed with fur the amber becomes positively charged. When glass is rubbed with silk the glass becomes negatively charged.
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6 years ago
No, when glass is rubbed with silk . glass rod become positive charge and silk become negative charge
Ankush Siwach
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6 years ago
Outermost electron of Amber get transferd to silk so silk get a negative charge and due to removal of electron amber get +ve charge
don sen
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6 years ago
They both are neutral . they can give us more number of charcols as a wish can be ceared with a minute partics and do a better task every minutes a a ahole

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