three point charges each ‘q’ is places at the three vertices of an equilatral triange.find the magnitude and sign of the charge to be placed at the centroid of the triange so that the vertices are in equilibrium.

three  point  charges  each  ‘q’  is  places  at  the  three  vertices  of  an  equilatral  triange.find  the  magnitude  and  sign  of  the  charge  to  be  placed  at  the  centroid  of  the  triange  so that  the  vertices  are  in  equilibrium.


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Saurabh Kumar
askIITians Faculty 2400 Points
8 years ago
If we put positive charge at the centre, due to same polarity interaction, they will repel each other.
If negative, then due to attraction by three charge it would sustained its position.
Now, for the system to be in equilibrium, calculate the potential energy and double negative differential of the P.E. w.r.t. position must be zero.
Proceed in this way and calculate the energy.

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