Charge divide in two parts and place at same finite distance of much

Charge divide in two parts  and place at same finite distance of much 

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2 years ago
Dear Alok
Question is incomplete. Please fheck and rrpsotthis. You can also attach an image. I will be happy to help you.
Vikas TU
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2 years ago
Deat student 
Let the charges be q and (Q – q). Suppose, the distance between them is ‘x’.
The force between them is, F = kq(Q – q)/x2 = (k/x2)(qQ – q2)
The force is extremum when dF/dq = 0
d[(k/x2)(qQ – q2)]/dq = 0
=> (k/x2)(Q – 2q) = 0
=> q = Q/2
Thus, the force will be maximum when the charge on each object is Q/2.
Good Luck 

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