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Are the Electric field lines continous or discontinous? what about electric potential and electric lines of force?

Are the Electric field lines continous or discontinous?  what about electric potential and electric lines of force?


2 Answers

atul shukla
31 Points
8 years ago

electric field lines are continious

anurag singh
19 Points
8 years ago

the electric field lines originate from one point charge and end at the other if any other point charge is placed. as charges can be placed anywhere in the space they have independent existence contrary to the magnetic poles which are fixed which make magnetic lines of force continous as they continuously move from south pole to north pole and vice versa.every point charge is independent and has its own characterstic electric lines of force which move from one point charge to the other (if other point charge is placed)but the same lines of force will not originate from that point  again making it discontinous contrary to the magnetic lines of force

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