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amit verma Grade:

Q.Fig. shows a charged q placed at the centre of a hemisphere.A second charge Q is placed at one of the positions A,B,C and D.In which position(s) of the second charged,the flux of the electric field through the hemisphere remains unchanged?





Please explain the result.

5 years ago

Answers : (2)

Ankit Thakur
18 Points

a & c are correct. reason-on flux there is no effect when from a closed surface incoming lines of forces have way to go out i.e outgoing lines of forces are present . In fig. when we draw lines of force from a & c they will intersect the curve at two points i.e. incoming & outgoing lines of forces are present i.e. no effect on flux ultimately. while when we draw line from b & d  they will intersect curve at one point i.e. incoming lines of forces are present but outgoing lines of forces are absent means tht affects flux. 

5 years ago
Abhishek Gupta
33 Points
										Please explain in more detail. If possible pictorially
4 years ago
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