Why the answer in this question clockwise rather than anticlockwise using lenz law?

Why the answer in this question clockwise rather than anticlockwise using lenz law?

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3 years ago
Hey I cannot attach a diagram.
But listen to me carefully.
Draw the arrow of current on all 4 side of loop1.Also assume that in loop2 current in anticlockwise.Draw the arrow of current in all 4 sides of loop2.
Look at the side of the first loop adjucent to the 2nd loop.Through this side current goes down(as current is flowing clockwise in first circuit).
If current would flow anticlockwise in the 2nd loop,then through the side adjucent to loop1 current would flow downward.
Now you know that antiparallel current attract each other.So loop2 will be attracted towards loop1.So more flux will penetrate loop2.Means that loop2 does not oppose the change of flux rather it allows it.That is against the lenz law.
I hope this helps.
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3 years ago
Sorry.That would be parallel current attract each other.Antiparallel current repel each other.Typing mistake.
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2 years ago
Yes your assumption is right only if the induced emf is in the primary circuit. 
According to lenz law induced current  is in the direction that counteracts the current flowing through it. In the primary circuit,  current flows in clockwise manner so the induced current would be in the anticlockwise manner. But in the case of the second Circuit Induced current will be opposite to that of the primary circuit’s current direction so that the induced in the clockwise direction. 

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