what is the difference between solenoid engine and the electric motor.

what is the difference between solenoid engine and the electric motor.


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Ravleen Kaur
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5 years ago
Hello Student,

Electric motor have huge amount of torque, can regeneratively brake. Keeping the weight of the motors at the wheels improves friction, you can do four wheel turning and merging, even near zero radius turns.

The solenoid engine's biggest plus is that it looks cool. Building one is a good way to examine the action of a piston and cylinder engine, and with tinkering you could design an old engine to become an AC to DC converter, rebuilding the cylinders with AC coils and the pistons with solenoids.

Electric motors do not need the weight and complexity of linkages to change the angle of force, do not have a half cycle dead period where they can stall. Electric motors can have their speed controlled to fractions of Hertz, while the extension and contraction periods of a solenoid engine cannot be lengthened, and can only slightly be sped up by using high voltage spikes during extension.

So solenoids are great for simple, linear actuation, but electric motors have the edge in efficiency, scalability, control and remove the need for springs, linkages, extra gearing, and fly wheels, reducing the total system weight considerably.


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