what is Fresnel and Fraunhofer diffraction

what is  Fresnel and Fraunhofer diffraction


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Fraunhoffer: we can observe it if b2/l/\
FResnel: we can observe it if b2/l/\ ~1
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Fraunhofer Diffraction

Fresnel Diffraction

Wave fronts Planar wave fronts Cylindrical wave fronts
Observation distance Observation distance is infinite. In practice, often at focal point of lens. Source of screen at finite distance from the obstacle.
Movement of diffraction pattern Fixed in position Move in a way that directly corresponds with any shift in the object.
Surface of calculation Fraunhofer diffraction patterns on spherical surfaces. Fresnel diffraction patterns on flat surfaces.
Diffraction patterns Shape and intensity of a Fraunhofer diffraction pattern stay constant. Change as we propagate them further ‘downstream’ of the source of scattering.
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u can check out the complete answer using the inspect element tool by F12
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