What is an exact definition of electromagnetic induction

What is an exact definition of electromagnetic induction

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Saurabh Koranglekar
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4 years ago
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Electromagnetic inductionrefers to the production of a voltage or a potential difference across a conductor when it is exposed to a changing magnetic field

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4 years ago
As its name suggests electromagnetic induction , when subjected to change in magnetic field it creates potential difference accross it which in turn creates an electromagnet which creates magnetic field around it. 
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3 years ago
Electromagnetic induction. Electricity and magne- tism are intimately connected. In the early part of the nineteenth century, the experiments of Oersted, Ampere and others established that moving charges (currents) produce a true i.e., moving magnets can In 1831, Michael Faraday in England and almost simul- taneously Joseph Henry in the U.S.A. discovered that magnetic field. The converse effect is also produce electric currents. currents are produced in a loop of wire if a magnet is suddenly moved towards the loop loop such that the magnetic flux across the loop changes. The current in the loop lasts so or away from the as the flux is changing. This phenomenon is called electromagnetic induction which means inducing electricity by magnetism. The phenomenon of production of induced emf (and hence induced current) due to a change of magnetic flux linked witha closed circuit is called electromagnetic induction. The phenomenon of electromagnetic induction is of great practical importance in daily life. It forms the basis of the present day generators and transformers. Modern civilisation owes a great deal to the discovery of electromagnetic induction.

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