Plz answer the 2 nd question.i need this concept a bit in detail.plz help.

Plz answer the 2nd question.i need this concept a bit in detail.plz help.

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5 years ago
Dear Nagashravan,
In magnetism Force on moving charge is possible and it is given as F=qvBsin@ where v is the velocity of charge …
Here , in this question there will be no existance of any force because there in no charge moving ..
so the correct option is d ( F1 = F2 = 0 ) ….
Thanks and Regards
nagashravan hemadri
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5 years ago
But there is current flowing through the solenoid.whcih means charges r moving.hence it has to conduct forces.
suvidhi mehta
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5 years ago
charges r moving with  drift velocity and so each charge experience a force in different directions such that net force is 0 until a potential difference is applied across the solenoids so that the charges move in an ordered way

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