i 2 rms R = e 2 rms R/Z 2 ….….….please prove...

i2rms R = e2rms R/Z2….….….please prove...


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Aziz Alam IIT Roorkee
askIITians Faculty 233 Points
9 years ago
Z is the total impedance of the circuit that is the effective resistance of the circuit due to capacitor , inductor & resistor.
that is the meaning of it opr to put it in better words in calulation of root mean square values of current and emf it gets implied the to relate Irms& Ermswe use Z
With this we can get the above result.
For more detailed proof of Irms& Ermsyou can have a look into NCERT 12thPhysics book.In there it is beautifully explained.

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