How to find the equivalent capacitance in this question ???????.????????.????

How to find the equivalent capacitance in this question ???????.????????.????

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3 years ago
This is a simple question. This question is based on wheatstones bridge. 
   First let me tell you about wheat stones bridge
Wheatstone bridge. It is an arrangement of four of these resistances   used to determine one and accurately in terms of the remaining three resistances This method was first suggested by a British physicist Sir Charles F. Wheatstone in 1843. A Wheatstone bridge consists of four resistances P. O, R and S; connected to form the arms of a quadrilateral ABCD. A battery of emf E is connected between points A and C and, an another resistance E or sometimes a sensitive galvanometer ( both may play the same role so dont get confused whether resistance or galvanometer)between B and D, . The resistance Ris so adjusted that there is no deflection in the galvanometer. The bridge is said to balanced when the potential difference across the galvanometer or resistor is zero so that there is no current through the galvanometer. In the balanced condition of the bridge, Knowing the ratio of resistances P and Q and the resistance R, we can determine the unknown resistance S.    So 5/5=5/5
    No current through central resistor.
now  two resistors if 5 ohm are in series which are again in parallel to the other two   So now just imagine it like a kite with threads on the diagonals so 10 and 10 in parallel which gives you a resultant 5 ohm.
Vikas TU
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3 years ago
Dear student 
I will give you one short cut to find the equivalent capacitance . 
The explanation given above are correct , 
Just write C = 1/R 
and solve it using like resistor. 
The middle one will cancel out because of I =0 
two, two  will come in series and one wil come in parallel . 
Resultant = 5 micro farad 

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