???????Fraunhofer lines

???????Fraunhofer lines


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7 years ago
Fraunhofer lines these line as an overall basis of the different spectrum of the radiation  of sun 
The brightest star in our sky is the Sun. Absorption lines in the solar spectrum were first noticed by an English astronomer in 1802, but it was a German physicist, Joseph von Fraunhofer, who first measured and cataloged over 600 of them about 10 years later. These lines are now known collectively as the "Fraunhofer lines." In the 1800's, scientists did not know that these lines were chemical in origin. Thus, the letters used by Fraunhofer to identify the lines have no relation to chemical symbols nor to the symbols used to designate the spectral types of stars. Today's astronomers use some of the designations simply for convenience and ease in identifying lines. 

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