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Can electromagnetic waves deaviate by electric and magnetic field

Can electromagnetic waves deaviate by electric and magnetic field

Grade:12th pass

5 Answers

Ashutosh Mohan Sharma
askIITians Faculty 180 Points
5 years ago
electromagnetic waves such as light are massless, chargeless and therefore are unaffected by electric and magnetic filed
342 Points
5 years ago
the elec
Umakant biswal
5359 Points
5 years ago
@ sweta 
the electromagnetic waves are formed by combination of electric and magnetic field..
they being neutral cannot be deflected by electric and magnetic field..
in em waves equal contribution of energy is given by both elec and mag . field..
Prabhakar ch
577 Points
5 years ago
electromagnetic waves  are uneffected by electric and magnetic field. electromagnetic waves examples are light these are mass less and chargless
Gaddam Chethan
317 Points
5 years ago
I think it`s because electromagnetic waves are just waves and have no positive or negative charge and therefore are not affected by electric or magnetic fields.

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