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A particle is projected in a plane perpendicular to a uniform magnetic field the area bounded by the path described by the particle is proportional to

one year ago

Answers : (2)

25311 Points
1) We have, 
Uniform Magnetic Field = B 
Mass of Charge q = m 
Let velocity be 'v' (.Constant. )
Since, Magnetic field is perpendicular to Velocity. 
Fmag = qvB
2)Since, Magnetic force will always act perpendicular to velocity.
=> Radial Force in motion = Magnetic Force 
r = mv/qB

Since, Radius of curvature is constant. 
=> Trajectory of Charge 'q'is circle. 
3) Using above R, where m, q, B are given .
Area of Circle, A : pi r²
A is proportional to v²
Hence, Area of Circle is proportional to Kinetic Energy.
one year ago
3007 Points
AαR2 and R = m V/qB
Ans : Kinetic Energy
one year ago
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